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  • CSS code compiled from Sass

    Getting sassy with CSS

    Tuesday, Mar 13th 2018

    Managing CSS is a daunting task for many as it is just a basic syntax. Sass opened the door to the capabilities of managing CSS, so I talk about the features it offers and why they're so powerful.

  • Git commands to commit a change

    Version control via GitHub

    Sunday, Mar 11th 2018

    Nothing can be worse than losing your hard work, so using GitHub will save the day. I go through how I learned the ways of GitHub, and how it has helped me during the development of websites.

  • Atom editing code on a Mac

    Changes to my portfolio

    Saturday, Mar 10th 2018

    Most websites aren't perfect on the first try, even if it has little issues, many developers actively work to fix them. I go over the changes I made to my portfolio from its initial upload and explain why I did them.

  • Dreamweaver editing code on a computer

    Optimising for the web

    Saturday, Nov 11th 2017

    Optimisation is very important as it makes the user experience better, as the website can load faster. I talk about what I did to optimise my website to get it ready for the World Wide Web.

  • Web development books and notepads

    Developing my portfolio

    Tuesday, Nov 7th 2017

    To make a good website, it is key to complete it with the 3 key stages of development which are research, design and build. I go through each of the stages explaining what I did for my portfolio.

  • Manchester Technology Centre building on Oxford Road

    Growing the digital industry

    Thusday, Oct 26th 2017

    With the digital industry rapidly expanding each year, I share my findings into the matter after looking at both the Manchester Digital Skills Audit and Tech Nation 2017 Report.