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Umesh Patel

Aspiring web developer

About me

My name is Umesh Patel and I am currently a final-year student studying Web Development at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am always building on my skills when it comes to developing websites. After my studies, I wish to pursue a career as a front-end developer as I will be able to see websites come to life.

Take a look at my CV to see more about me professionally.

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Here is some of my recent work, have a look at the websites to see my coding skills.

  • Mobile and tablet view of Infocomms website


    An alternate website for The Department of Languages, Information. Tailored towards potential students with the aim to drive applications to the department.

    • Mobile-first
    • Responsive
    • Accessible
    Infocomms site
  • Laptop and tablet view of Student Express website

    Student Express

    Transport guide for students at Manchester Metropolitan University. All the information you need to travel to University via the bus or train is hosted here.

    • Mobile-first
    • Responsive
    • Google Maps Directions API
    Student Express site
  • Desktop view of iSongs website


    MySQL songs database. Register to view a database of songs, go through each of the artists to see their songs or search for a specific transaction.

    • Dynamic webpages
    • MySQL database
    • PHP Sessions
    iSongs site

Recent blog posts

Here is a showcase of my latest blog posts, take a look at them to see my views on various topics.

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  • CSS code compiled from Sass

    Getting sassy with CSS

    Tuesday, Mar 13th 2018

    Managing CSS is a daunting task for many as it is just a basic syntax. Sass opened the door to the capabilities of managing CSS, so I talk about the features it offers and why they're so powerful.

  • Git commands to commit a change

    Version control via GitHub

    Sunday, Mar 11th 2018

    Nothing can be worse than losing your hard work, so using GitHub will save the day. I go through how I learned the ways of GitHub, and how it has helped me during the development of websites.

  • Atom editing code on a Mac

    Changes to my portfolio

    Saturday, Mar 10th 2018

    Most websites aren't perfect on the first try, even if it has little issues, many developers actively work to fix them. I go over the changes I made to my portfolio from its initial upload and explain why I did them.

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